"I protect life and health. I avoid violence whenever possible."

Learn to be a master martial artist and master your own life.

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Warrior Life Martial Arts is a school dedicated to self-perfection through learning realistic self-defense. Our art, Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu, is an authentic mixed martial art which utilizes strikes, throws, grappling and ground fighting techniques as well as traditional and modern weapons training.

We are located just half a mile off highway 16 near the intersection of Hunt St. and Wollochet drive in Gig Harbor.

The martial arts discipline we teach was developed and tested by former millitary, law enforcement and security professionals to be effective, easy to learn and empower its practitioners to a better quality of life. Our goal is to train you to be able to control, or better yet avoid a dangerous confrontation and get on with living.

Aiki Ninjutsu is a martial arts system with 12 lineages that have over 900 years of tradition. These include six styles that were practiced by the Samurai and six that were mastered by the Ninja families of ancient Japan. Unlike many martial arts, Banzenkan concentrates on much more that just the physical fighting aspects of the martial arts. We are dedicated to teaching our students the secrets to self-improvement and personal empowerment, which have been passed down over many centuries.

Our students are on a life journey to become what we call modern day “warriors”. What we define as an empowered and compassionate protector of others. When our students walk into a room, everyone there is safer because of their presence. This philosophy can be found in our Code of Mindful Action, which helps our students get what they want in life, while making the world a better place.

Find the class that is right for you whether you are just starting out or are already an experienced martial artist.

Our youth and adult curriculum blends real-world martial arts techniques with learning 36 martial secrets that will empower you to be a better martial artist in any discipline as well as a more effective human being. Many of our students have previous experience in karate, tae kwon do, aikido, or mma/jiu jitsu and find that when coupled with our training, their knowledge becomes much more effective.

Ninja Rangers is Banzenkan’s premier program for children ages 4-7 and offers much more than your traditional kids karate class. More than a curriculum of martial arts, our Rangers class is designed to teach and enhance life skills learned in the home, create physical skills and abilities and build a leader’s attitude that your child will use to succeed.

The Ninja Rangers system develops confidence, coordination, concentration and aids in character development. Reinforcing values and helping children make better choices, our program will help your child be successful in all areas of life.